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Terry A. Hoover

Please accept my deepest thanks for your good work with Brandon Boyer. Although I did not get the opportunity to witness your courtroom work I have been made aware that it was outstanding. I cannot begin to express the gratitude and appreciation Dennis has heaped upon you.

Again, please be so kind as to accept my personal thanks as well as my good wishes and admiration of your professional expertise.

Wishing you all the best, I am
Very sincerely yours

Richard Fasano

I was charged with two alcohol related motor vehicle offenses. In each case I was charged with both driving while impaired and driving under the influence. Mr. Onifer was able to avoid any jail time in each case. In the first case I was placed on unsupervised probation and fined $150. He had the second case dismissed.

Phillip Lockett

I was charged with driving offenses in Maryland and faced a substantial fine and a period of incarceration. Mr. Onifer was able to have the case settled for a small fine.

David Stark

I was charged with drunk driving and Mr. Onifer had the case dismissed.

Corinne Ogden

I was charged with driving an uninsured vehicle. Mr. Onifer settled the case for a $50 fine.

Justin Freed

I was charged with second degree assualt concerning an altercation where it was alleged that I struck an individual in the chest. Mr.Onifer was able to have the charges dismissed.

George Zebley

I was in jeopardy of losing my driving privliges because I had accumulated 8 points in 2 years. Mr. Onifer represented me at a Motor Vehicle Administration hearing and concinved the administrative law judge to issue only a reprimand. If I had lost my lisence, I would have been in jeopardy of losing my job and my livelihood.

Shawn Roy

I was charged with a jailable traffic offense, Mr. Onifer convinced the judge to impose a fine only.

James Battaglia

I was riding my new motorcycle and I was clocked at 91 in a 50 mph zone. We went to court and pled not guilty. Mr. Onifer won the case and the charges were dismissed.

Singh Gandu

A co-defendant and I were charged with possession of one hundred and sixty eight pounds (168 lbs.) of marijuana. Mr. Onifer was able to minimize our jail exposure to six (6) months and a fine. His office was always available to help me negotiate.

Omar Martinez

I was charged with possession with intent to distribute a large amount of marijuana and Mr. Onifer was able to limit my jail exposure to one hundred and twenty (120) days.

Michael Elliot

I was charged with second-degree assault and malicious destruction of property and Mr. Onifer was able to have both charges dismissed.

Michael Bridda

I was charged with possession, sale and transportation of unstamped cigarettes having been stopped on Interstate 95 in Cecil County with a large number of cigarettes. Mr. Onifer was able to have the charges dismissed.

Admit Friedman

I was charged with second-degree assault and forth degree sex offense. During that period I was also processing through the immigration and naturalization office. A conviction would have been detrimental to my United States residency. Mr. Onifer was able to avoid the conviction and have my case placed on an inactive docket.

Derek Smythe

I was charged with possession to distribute cocaine/crack. Not only did Mr. Onifer limit my exposure to a jail sentence but was able to convince the Court that a period of home detention was in my best interest.

James Sullivan

I was charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol. This was my second offense. Mr. Onifer tried the case before a jury and I was found not guilty.

Stephanie J. Hall

I was on probation in Delaware for drinking and driving when I received another charge in the State of Maryland. Mr. Onifer was able to convince the Judge to place me on a period of probation and avoid any jail sentence.

Adrienne Owens

My husband hired an attorney who argued that I was entitled to nothing and that there was no marital property. We had a trial and Mr. Onifer won our case and I was awarded my respectful share of the property my ex-husband and I acquired.

Alexandria Orem

I was charged with possession with intent to distribute heroin. I was arrested and my baby was taken to social services. It seems that my world was crashing down quickly. Mr. Onifer is my father's attorney and he agreed to represent me. He had me enroll in drug and alcohol therapy and I was able to get my child back. On my trial date he convinced the Judge to give me a probation before judgment verdict.

Robert G. Greg

I own a business and a motel. I was charged with first and second degree assault as a result of an altercation with a tenant. Mr. Onifer was able to have the first degree assault charge dropped and the second degree assault charge placed on an inactive dockett.

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