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Underage Consumption

Elkton, Maryland Underage Drinking Lawyer

Underage Consumption Attorney in Maryland

In the state of Maryland, as in most states it is illegal to drink under the age of 21. If you, or perhaps your child or even a relative has been charged with underage consumption, underage consumption it can alter your life for many years to come, particularly if you were driving under the influence. An underage consumption conviction can result in sever consequences such as loss of driving privileges, monetary fines, court costs and community service. It can also impact your level of employability if your job requires you to maintain a valid drivers license if you were caught driving while intoxicated.

Cecil County, Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer Michael J. Onifer has been serving the accused in Harford, Cecil & Baltimore Counties for many years. Let him put his experience to work for you. Mr. Onifer and his staff will aggressively fight for your rights while trying to minimize the consequences. Contact The Law Office Of Michael J. Onifer at 410 398 3075. You can also email Mr. Onifer by clicking here.

Underage consumption can happen anywhere in Maryland. Whether you or your child are in Ocean City for senior week, beginning or attending college at one of the universities throughout Maryland, or at a party near your home it may make sense to consult with a skilled and experienced Elkton, Maryland Underage Consumption Lawyer if you have been arrested for Underage Drinking.

Fighting For Your Rights

Part of being a good underage drinking defense lawyer is not only being knowledgeable in terms of the law. An equally important is understanding how to navigate through the legal system in an attempt to obtain you the most favorable outcome. Protecting your rights, your future and your reputation are of utmost importance. Negotiating with the prosecution is also extremely important in these instances. Reviewing police and arrest reports for probable cause are necessary as well.

Field Sobriety Tests In Maryland

In order to be arrested for underage drinking the police must give you a breathalyzer test and or a field sobriety test. Mr. Onifer will work relentlessly to make sure the field sobriety tests were done fairly, and that the breathalyzer was properly maintained & calibrated prior to your test.

Contact A Skilled Maryland Underage Drinking Lawyer

If you, a loved one or family member have been charged with underage consumption in Cecil or Harford County Maryland contact The Law Office of Michael J. Onifer at 410 398 3075. Mr. Onifer is located across from the courthouse on Main Street in Elkton, Maryland and proudly serves Baltimore, Harford & Cecil Counties. Mr. Onifer also services students at all Maryland schools and universities including University of Maryland, Towson University, University of Baltimore, Harford Community College & Cecil County Community College among others. Mr. Onifer can be reached at 410 398 3075. Or, click here to email Mr. Onifer.

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