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Teen Driver Car Accident

Teenage Caused Auto Accident Lawyers In Maryland

Elkton MD Attorneys Handling Car Accidents Caused By Minors

Every year in the state of Maryland there are thousands of automobile accidents. A very common cause of an auto accident in Maryland are inexperienced teenage drivers. Drivers under the age of 18 are typically under their parents insurance policy and often times, depending on how long they have had their license may be subject to driving restrictions and or curfews.

If you, a loved one or family member have been hurt, injured or killed in a Maryland highway accident operated by a teenaged driver call The Law Office of Michael J. Onifer at 410 398 3075. You may also email Maryland Car Accident Lawyer Michael J. Onifer by clicking here. With over 15 years experience handling motor vehicle accidents caused by teenagers in Maryland Mr. Onifer will do his best to get you the benefits and compensation you are entitled to.

Teenage Driver Car Accident Causes In Maryland

For the most part Maryland auto accidents caused by teenaged drivers are due to the same causes as accidents caused by adults. The only major difference is the lack of experienced exhibited by teen drivers. They just do not have the experience to drive defensively and they may also tend to drive more recklessly. Aside from that common teen caused car accidents are due to:



Inattentive Driving

Texting While Driving

Liability In A Maryland Juvenile Driver Caused Car Accident

Sometimes in an automobile accident caused by a teenager the liability can fall on the parents and their insurance policy. If they are properly insured their insurance policy should cover cover and injury or damages caused by their children in an auto accident. If the child was intoxicated, driving without a valid license or driving past curfew the parent, parents or legal guardian may be held personally responsible for any damages or injury sustained in the accident. A skilled Maryland Car Accident Liability Attorney will determine liability and get you what you are rightfully entitled to under Maryland Personal Injury law.

Contact A Cecil County Teen Driver Accident Lawyer

It is absolutely in your best interest to consult with a skilled North East Maryland Automotive Accident Attorney immediately after your accident. Elkton, Maryland Automotive Accident Lawyer Michael J. Onifer will fight on your behalf and make sure that your legal rights are protected throughout this very stressful time. They will also strive to get you the full, fair and just compensation for your injuries, medical expenses as well as any poosible lost wages. Call Mr. Onifer at 410 398 3075 to discuss your Maryland Auto Injury claim. You may also email Mr. Onifer here.

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