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Same Sex Adoption

Maryland Same Sex Adoption Lawyers

Gay & Lesbian Couples Adoption Attorney in Maryland

The dreams that two people share in a relationship are very sacred and extremely personal. Frequently those dreams involve starting a family together. Due to the fact that same sex couples are not currently afforded the same civil liberties of heterosexual couples you can benefit from having a skilled same sex couple adoption lawyer working with you when considering same sex couple or second parent adoption. The Law Office of Michael J. Onifer understand the legal and emotional aspects of same sex adoptions and treat each case as if it were their own.

If you and your partner are considering adoption as a means of beginning a family it mak make sense to have a skilled Maryland Adoption Lawyer on your side. Contact The Law Office of Michael J. Onifer at 410 885 4032 to discuss your rights. Or, you can email Mr. Onifer by clicking here.

The Legal Aspect Of Parent Child Relationships

When a heterosexual couple have children there are certain systematically built in legal protections for the parents as well as the children. Gay & lesbian couples are not afforded those same protections when they start a family. This is primarily due to that in a same sex couple family scenarios frequently one partner is related to the child biologically. They are either the mother or the father in many cases and the child is conceived via surrogacy, sperm donation or other means of assisted reproduction. Despite the non-biological parent serving as a parental figure, a nurturer, guardian or offering the child financial support they are still denied the typical legal protections of heterosexual couples. The child does not enjoy the same rights as a child born into a heterosexual couple either.

Protections For The Child

Second parent adoptions allow the child to be covered as a dependent in terms of health insurance, life insurance benefits and other benefits that a dependent of a heterosexual couple are entitled to. Also, adoption affords the adopted child rights to an inheritance if parent passes away without a will. Federal benefits such as Social Security & Disability Insurance, are offered to the child should the parent die or become disabled while child is under legal age of 18. Lastly, via the second parent adoption process the biological parent has their parental rights and relationship preserved.

Non-Biological Parent Protections

In the absence of a second parent adoption the non-biological parent is at risk of losing all contact and interaction with the child if the same sex couple relationship dissolves. Also, if the biological parent dies while child is a minor and there was never a second parent adoption the same could happen regarding losing contact with the child. Second parent adoptions also protect the rights and interests of the non-biological parent in the event of possible child support, child custody & visitation issues.

Contact A Maryland Same Sex Couple Or Second Parent Adoption Lawyer

The Law Office of Michael J. Onifer helps same sex couples as well as their children to enjoy full protection of the law. Mr. Onifer competently handles all aspects of the adoption process for homosexual couples. These include the home study as well as other necessary procedures that occur throughout the adoption process. Contact Michael J. Onifer ,a skilled Elkton, Maryland Same Sex Couple Adoption Attorney at 410 885 4032. Or, you can email Mr. Onifer by clicking here.

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