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Personal Injury

Cecil County, MD Personal Injury Lawyer

The term Personal Injury is legal terminology referring to an injury involving the body, mind or emotions. Personal Injury more often than not refers to a type of tort, or civil wrongdoing, lawsuit. Typically in a tort lawsuit it is alleged that the injured party (plaintiff) was injured as a direct result of another's (defendant) negligence. Under the Personal Injury umbrella there are numerous specific categories of injuries and accidents. This includes Workplace Accidents, Medical/Dental Malpractice & Industrial Diseases among others. Elkton, MD Personal Injury Attorney Michael J. Onifer III has experience handling all of these different types of cases. Contact him at 410 885 4032 to schedule a free consultation.

Types of Personal Injury Cases & Claims

Motor Vehicle Accidents Product Liability
Slip & Fall Workplace Accidents
Premises Liability Medical Malpractice
Animal Attacks Dental Malpractice
Assault Wrongful Death

Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents & Causes

Car Accidents Tire Blowout
Truck Accidents Vehicle Rollover
Motorcycle Accidents Unsecured Cargo
Drunk Driving Accidents Mass Transit Accidents
Inattentive Driving Accidents Pedestrian Accidents (Hit & Run)

Types of Workplace Injuries

Repetitive Stress Injuries Industrial Accidents
Deafness Asbestosis
Vision Loss Slip & Fall in Workplace
Mental Disorders Nosocomial Infections (HealthCare Workers)
Contact Dermatitis Wrongful Death

Why it Makes Sense To Hire an Elkton, Maryland Injury Lawyer

In a personal Injury lawsuit, if another's negligence can be proved, the injured party and their family may be entitled to financial compensation. Normal injury cases can include monetary compensation for issues such as lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering. Often times a Personal Injury lawsuit can become very involved and complex. For this reason it may make sense to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer to help you attain the compensation you are entitled to.

Contact an Elkton, Maryland Personal Injury Attorney

The Law Office of Michael J. Onifer III operates on a contingency fee basis for injury cases. That means there is no fee unless he recovers for you. If you have been injured and need to consult with a lawyer call North East, MD Personal Injury Lawyer Michael J. Onifer III at 410 885 4032.

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