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Emergency Service Vehicle Accidents

Maryland Emergency Service Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Emergency Vehicle Accident Attorneys In Maryland

Emergency service vehicles comprise many government owned vehicles. Common examples are fire engines, police cars, police SUV's and ambulances. These vehicles commonly serve Maryland communities by providing a safer environment and transporting the sick or injured. Usually they serve their purpose with no damage, accident or injury to civilians, pedestrians or other vehicles. However, they can be involved in accidents in neighborhoods, roads and highways throughout all of Maryland. These accidents can be caused by a variety of factors, one of the more common can be the fact that they are not required to stop at all red lights. Even though these vehicles do not have to stop at all red lights and intersections they are still accountable for operating the vehicle in a safe and responsible manner.

If you or a loved one have been hurt or injured in an accident caused by a police vehicle, fire engine or ambulance it is in your best interest to consult with a Cecil County Emergency Service Vehicle Accident Attorney immediately. Typically there are different laws and statutes of limitations when a government vehicle is involved in an accident so time is of the essence. Contact The Law Office of Michael J. Onifer at 410 398 3075. Or, email the firm by clicking here.

Emergency Vehicle Safety Requirements

There are several steps emergency vehicle operators and drivers must take in order to safely operate the vehicle while also protecting the public. These steps include:

1. If running red lights or intersections they must be responding to an actual emergency

2. The emergency vehicle must have its siren(s) operating

3. All emergency lights must be functional, operating and turned on

If any of these requirements are not adhered to at time of accident they may be liable for any injuries or damage caused. A Cecil County Maryland Emergency Service Vehicle Accident Lawyer will help determine if you are entitled to compensation and benefits for your injuries.

Injuries Caused In Emergence Vehicle Accidents

Emergency service vehicle accidents can cause many types of injuries. The types of injuries is contingent on various factors such as type of vehicle involved in accident, speed upon impact and where in the car you were situated. Injuries to the soft tissue areas, joints & ligaments and bone fractures are commonly sustained in all types of auto accidents. Accidents involving larger vehicles such as fire trucks can result in catastrophic injuries such as those to the Central Nervous System (CNS). The CNS includes head, brain, neck and spinal cord. Wrongful death can often be the ultimate result of any motor vehicle accident.

Contact An Elkton, MD Emergency Service Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Injuries stemming from a motor vehicle accident can impact your life permanently. Maryland Accident Lawyer Michael J. Onifer will do his best to get you the compensation and medical benefits you deserve for your injuries, pain, suffering, lost wages and medical expenses. If you, a loved one or a family member have been injured in an accident caused by an emergency service vehicle in Cecil County or Harford County Maryland please call the The Law Office of Michael J. Onifer at 410 398 3075. Or, click here to email Mr. Onifer.

The Law Office of Michael J. Onifer handles work all types of personal injury and auto accident cases throughout all of Maryland including Baltimore, Bel Air, Owings Mills, Towson, Edgewood, Havre De Grace, North East, Rising Sun, Cherry Hill and Elkton.

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